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Strategy Manager at EmpireOne, Craig has a critical look on businesses and their technologies. After years in the media, artificial intelligence and insurance and risk management sectors, his knowledge, skills and experience have positioned him perfectly to advise and put businesses on the right path.

The crunchy details

Craig is just the best at seeing technologies for what they are and what value they really add, not minding the marketing or the pretty colours!

He has spent years working for a number of large corporates, always relatively close to technologies, and has a strong business understanding of what the opportunities are and also their cost. Somehow, his analytical mind formulates business models in just minutes!

Strong advocate of equal opportunity, Craig also spends quite a bit of time with smaller organisations and not-for-profits to help as best as he can. The area of mental health and disability care are of a particular interest to him, as he has just completed a Graduate Diploma of Psychology.

Since our early days, Craig's help and foresight has been of a great help to EmpireOne as a business. In early 2013, he has joined us on a permanent basis, allowing to align his efforts and skills with EmpireOne's many not-for-profit initiatives.

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