Sebastien Tremblay

Managing Director

Always thinking of every detail as both the
software engineer and business manager,
Seb is highly customer focused and has set
out to build EmpireOne as a group capable
of delivering real-life solutions and
services creatively, with character and
unquestionable focus and value-add.

Fueled by his love of technologies,
the self-confessed perfectionist is
always after a better approach and
never hesitates re-evaluate everything
and to tell things as they are.

Atif Khan

Software Solutions Director

This world traveled father of one has one
passion other than technologies – cricket,
which he watches and plays religiously. He
brings into EmpireOne his statistical
mind and also his ability to equally
converse on topics ranging from
sports to politics to travels and
even spirituality and philosophy!

As a result, no matter what the
problem is, Atif will investigate
and have it addressed in no
time. In the end, he’s all about
delivering work of highest standard.

Craig Healey

Business Strategy

Committed to lifelong improvement, Craig is now studying his fifth degree, can you imagine? His experience with many of the country’s large corporations is bringing to EmpireOne what all businesses absolutely require; strategy and objectivity. He is a good listener and thrives in being surrounded by a bunch of “techies”. He always likes the opportunity to learn from others, hence his love of getting lost in a good book. Even better if it’s under a tree, with birds chirping, a million miles away from anywhere or anyone.

Nicolas Lupien

Software Engineering

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Former business owner, Nic has too many passions to name. Between his world travels, recent fiancé, wedding planning and real estate endeavours, he still manages to tinker with hundreds of software ideas all at once. His curiosity and abilities with technologies have made him into this self-confessed unconditional early adopter of anything and everything that can be ultimately translated into bytecode!

Steve Moore

Design & Communications

Proud father of 3 gorgeous kids, it is not uncommon to see Steve rocking on a stage and entertaining a crowd. He has passed on his skills to his only son who now frequently makes dad proud after being a successful contestant of Channel7′s Australia’s Got Talent. He struggles however with the simple word ‘no’, and this lack in his vocabulary means he’s not left with much time to himself! His many years of experience around the globe make him invaluable when any project needs to “say something”, where in no time, Steve comes up with the exact word and design to match.

Lyndal Carmody

Marketing & Communications

Mother of one beautiful boy, very few days go by without her unwinding with a nice glass of wine or out running, momentarily leaving everything behind. She is also fascinated by communications and how web technologies have rapidly changed and shaped modern marketing efforts and interactions between businesses and consumers. She brings her professionalism and commercial ideas to EmpireOne and thanks to her willingness to try almost anything once, she might also be writing code very soon.. Or not!

Nishat Ara Alam

Software Engineering

The longest serving team member at EmpireOne has inherited her position for her unconditional smile, award-winning personality® and also her technical abilities. Educated in Germany, she tends to enjoy the most random facts and (sometimes incoherent) bits of information, which we hope will come in handy at some stage. One thing that’s for sure is that her ability to dissect a problem and evaluate it from 20 (not 2 or 3!) angles and combined love/hate relationship with code is giving her an edge few will ever experience.

Daniele Crepaldi

Web Design

Passionate about all things web design and multimedia, Dan is not always interested in what is considered popular. His focus lies in trying to deliver what is best (this applies to work and life!) Needless to say, Dan has a perfectionist streak. Always striving to deliver the idea he has in mind. It’s no wonder he enjoys peace and quiet to get the job done. Some may call him picky, but all his fellow teammates see is a dedicated individual with an objective yet positive mind.

Mathieu Langlois

Software Development

During most discussions, Mat is not writing notes as most would think, instead he’s drawing away the most exotic manga characters. Trained as a software engineer, he has also developed a passion for costumes and themed parties. He admits not being motivated by many physical activities or training, however is a natural swimmer, perhaps thanks to many of the beautiful Sydney beaches!

Glen Rogers

HTML Development

After years of perfecting himself, Glen has become the golfer few of us will ever be. This self-admitted sugar addict has little interest in rugby or cricket which allows him, contrary to others, to get work done any game day. He is a good communicator and will never hesitate to drop a joke when he feels the tension is high. Over the years, he has evolved from being a white-coat scientist to now web development, where his unique cross between developer and designer allows EmpireOne to get things done, right on the first try.

Mora Gago

Business Analysis

Highly curious and also very determined, the only topic that has never interested Mora is programming. She completed a degree in information systems engineering probably to always have “code” close enough to avoid having to deal with it. In the end she usually gets what she wants because she never gives up: “No is not an option!”. Within months she crafted herself a spot in the EmpireOne team as a highly organised analyst whose interest in technologies is only surpassed by her passion to continuously learn something new.

Your name here!

Best skill & role in the team

EmpireOne is always on the lookout. We are a bunch of technology enthusiasts and strive to deliver better, always! We don’t usually have “jobs available”, however we’re always in need of skills and new personalities! Should you recognise yourself in this..

  • a degree with some experience
  • travel stories and maybe another language
  • demonstrable passion for technologies
  • must be “relaxed yet professional”
  • a clear ability and interest to learn
  • some tech skills, exposure to agile values

.. then you really must drop us a line!. All we ask is for a link to your updated LinkedIn profile, the description of the position you want with salary expectations and your availability, to be sent to or using our contact form.

You could be building stuff with us soon!

Abraham Chan

Software Development

Abe knows how to make others feel comfortable around him with what can be described as his easy going and relaxed personality, albeit slightly shy. He has a great thirst for knowledge, always wanting to know how things work – even if it means standing and staring at things until he figures it out for himself. Although he may verbigerate when he comes across unfamiliar words, or forget important details, Abe knows how to have laugh no matter what. It’s this quality that makes him an enjoyable, often entertaining person to be around.

Vincent Fortier

Software Development

Describing Vincent in a sentence is tempting – The office pen spinning record holder who can drive a coffee machine or kettle with his eyes closed every 90minutes of every day. Highly creative developer, he also writes and plays music in his spare time or races against the clock on his skateboard, which we are yet to see! His technical background and experience have also earned him the title of “refactoring king” which is yet to be stolen off him.