Our mission, vision and values

We believe everyone should know this. The following statements provide us with clarity and direction. We are sharing them with you hoping they can show you our goals with your and other organisation.

Our mission

Through innovation, leadership and partnerships, allow organisations to make appropriate decisions on their technologies in order to build of their ICT assets with commercial value not recurrent problems and consistently develop sustainable software in a technical but jargon-free manner.

Our vision

To add value to our clients ICT system and skills by providing a full extensive range of professional products and services in order to make their needs satisfy.

To develop and maintain a long term partnership with our customers in order to make their business grow. We believe our achievements will profit your organisation, that’s why we are willing to take this risk with you.

Our values

At EmpireOne, we believe in..

  • Respect, honesty and integrity
  • Real answers, real numbers, real outcomes
  • Non-technical people can also use technologies
  • We value clear communication and building long term relationships
  • We strive for continuous improvement in our professional skills and knowledge
  • We aim to reach excellence in our design products and consulting services

Our guarantee

  • To understand your projects and needs before
  • To always discuss various alternatives and help you making a decision
  • Honest answers to any of your questions
  • Frequent communications to keep you updated on your project
  • A long term partnership commitment more than quick patches and fixes