We teach as much as we learn

As per our vision, purpose and values, at EmpireOne we always question the status quo. More often than not, this triggers us to right wrongs and give a helping hand to those eager to learn.

Life after university

Over the last two years we have consistently interviewed job candidates who have been taught technical skills which are at least a decade old. This was not only a huge hurdle we faced when recruiting but also a challenge for candidates who systematically get turned down for openings.

Simply obtaining a degree is proving not to be enough anymore. It seems every online ad requires candidates to have 1 or 2 years experience in using technologies and methodologies that are too recent for any universities syllabus. How can new graduates reach a potential employer’s expectations when they are so far behind on current development tools?

As an innovative, outstandingly agile and experienced IT team, we know keeping up with ever-evolving technologies is crucial to deliver quality and maintain sustainable practices. That’s why our program sets out to make a positive impact in the community, introducing trainees to a new current skill set, not only limited to code, but also covering broader topics such as business development, marketing techniques and development methodologies.

Upon completion, graduates can then face the job market with 2 new powerful tools: Up-to-date skills and hands on working experience.

Into the future

EmpireOne set out to teach graduates the ropesAre you really ready for the real world?

With our first training program successfully delivered, and the second one underway, we are now planning for the next one. By reviewing and adapting our program every 6 months we can ensure candidates get trained on the latest technologies available.

On the other hand, professionals already in the workforce have experience but may struggle to keep up with technological advances. This is why we are also looking to extend this offer to any NFP who wants to upgrade their staff’s knowledge, at no or low cost.

For more info, just visit Develop a Developa.

The new meaning of social networking

After successfully volunteering during TiE’s first create-a-thon, we decided it was time to further extend our offer to the community and work alongside other organisations for the benefit of non-technical individuals as well.

TiE Sydney

team up with TiE Sydney to teach

TiE is an international Not for Profit organisation with a strong Australian presence. Its purpose is to provide a range of support services to startups and small business entrepreneurs including education. From May 2014 we will be delivering cloud computing basic training to their members.

The City of Sydney

team up with City of Sydney to teach

The City of Sydney currently provides a series of introductory business and technology seminars and follow-up hands on workshops primarily for small business owners. We will be delivering a monthly introduction to cloud computing seminar to City of Sydney members from June 2014 and have plans to further offer workshops for interested members following from these seminars.

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