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After 2 years at EmpireOne and after her extensive contribution to our blog, it was about time that we created a (long overdue) article on Mora.

Mora is EmpireOne’s business analyst and as such, she ensures the liaison between our clients and our developers. She likes to think of her position as being that of a translator between both parts. A crucial role since communication between the two groups is often difficult, if not plain impossible. Mora’s capacity to look at a problem and understand it from both angles has allowed her to fill this position beautifully.

She graduated from the National Technological University of Argentina (UTN, in Spanish) with Systems Analyst and Information Systems Engineering degrees.
Mora then worked for much bigger corporates before coming to us. We’re talking IBM and General Electric. There, she learned interpersonal skills as well as became the organised person she is today. Two skills she’s been using every day since.
Although she gained invaluable experience there, she’s been enjoying the more “humane” atmosphere one can find in a small business structure like EmpireOne, where her personality and knowledge fit perfectly.

Mora Mora always has a smile to spare

For this article, I asked Mora what she likes to do with her spare time. She then confessed that she really enjoys reading books (thrillers especially), walking aimlessly and “being out and about” in general.

I also asked where her favourite place was in Australia. Although at first she was torn between a number of places, she finally settled for “the scenic drive through the Royal National Park, with it’s lush and dense bushland, finishing at Stanwell Tops”.

As for Mora’s view on today’s IT world, she enjoys how fast it changes. Yet, for an ever-changing industry, she finds it astonishing that women are still so under-represented. A statement hard to disagree with when only 20% of the industry’s workforce are female. But that’s a whole different topic.

That aside, if you meet her today, you’ll find it hard to believe that she used to be someone shy. All you’ll see is a very outgoing, positive person who is always wearing a genuine smile.latest Running | Trending

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1 Comment to “Our team profiled – More on Mora”

  1. Nishat says:

    Mora is versatile.
    You can chuck her into any sort of soup and
    she’ll manage to fix her way out of it.
    You can tell she is mad only by noticing her
    nose that flares when she is pissed off.
    So watch out folks.. ;)