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Abe (short for Abraham) Chan joined EmpireOne in May 2013, so he’s pretty much part of the furniture. He’s a self confessed Geek who loves nothing better than to be cutting code or gaming into the wee hours.

Abe Abe is a perfect example of an outdoor geek

Born in Hong Kong, Abe came to our shores at the age of 3, attended Sydney Boys High and graduated from the University of NSW with a Computer Science degree in 2012. His first full-time job is with EmpireOne and we can say that we’re delighted to have him with us. He’s smart, hard working and inventive and just fits in beautifully with our team.

In many respects Abe is typical Gen Y. Technology savvy in the extreme, confident, flexible and living in the moment. However, he has some attributes not so typical. He’s humble, respectful, polite and not self obsessed. Such a great combination.

I asked him what was the one thing that amazes him the most about technology, and the answer had more to it that I can possibly convey here. The ubiquity of technology, and particularly how our society is so heavily relying on the internet to function in every aspect amazes him.

In keeping with the Gen Y profile, Abe has many and varied interests and requires high levels of stimulation and change. A lover of the outdoors and sports, Abe might be found rock-climbing, mountaineering, hiking, playing basketball or soccer, snowboarding or practicing circus tricks on any given weekend. However it’s totally unlikely that he will do the same thing on consecutive weekends.

And as you might expect from a software developer, one of Abe’s passions is technology. He plays with a Raspberry Pi, checks out new games every other day and subscribes to New Scientist.
And before I get into trouble, his greatest passion is his very lovely partner Erica.

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