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Atif has been with EmpireOne forever – literally. He’s one of the two founders and is a man who is passionate about many things including but not limited to family, technology and cricket. My brief for this blog was that I could write about anything except cricket, which appears to be the one and only area of fundamental difference between the founders. When Seb asked Atif how the business would work if it were to adopt the rules of cricket, his answer was revealing – and unprintable. So perhaps they’re in agreement after all.


The world-traveled Atif pictured here on his way to the Great Barrier Reef.

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A graduate from Sydney University, Atif completed his honours in Computer Science with a car park visualisation research project, but has been doing more sensible stuff since joining the real world. Three years with the Frame Group preceded five years with Fairfax Media during which he developed tons of technical and business skills in roles that included Solutions Architect, Development Manager and Business Systems Manager. And now he’s here at EmpireOne, leading the Technical Development and Customer Support teams as Software Solutions Director.

Atif and his family are a wonderful example of why Australia is such a rich, diverse and (relatively) harmonious society these days. Pakistan is dear to their hearts, as are its culture, traditions and food. But the western world has been well and truly embraced. A first generation native, Atif is definitely a modern and, dare I say urbane Aussie in so many ways. He loves the foods of the world, travels extensively, and loves his sport!

Talking of challenges, Atif is inspired by Pakistan’s founding father, Ali Jinnah. For those of you who don’t know, this man quite remarkably brought democracy and secularism to Pakistan and was one of the great statesmen of our time.

Married several years ago to the delightful Amna, Atif now has a lively young son, Aahil. Backyard cricket is a possibility in the very near future! By the way, Aahil means prince in Arabic and I’m told that he already demands princely attention.

So now you know all there is to know about Atif, bar one thing. The name of his favourite sportsperson. Same surname and a prominent politician in Pakistan these days. Surprised?
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