Ready? Set? Crowdsource!

Imagine you’re setting up your new website. Everything’s almost ready to go, yet you’re still missing an image for each product you have listed. That will take time you don’t really have right now. So instead of doing it yourself why not outsource it to someone else willing to do it?

What is crowdsourcing?

When you ask a large group of people, especially online, to help you with services, ideas, tasks or content instead of using the traditional hiring approach, you’re crowdsourcing. The main benefit is a fairly lower price if compared to recruiting a dedicated professional. Crowdsourcing involves appointing tasks from a large undefined group of people while outsourcing is aimed at a specific known group of individuals. Whether it’s a small single-person task or a macro project to divide between multiple people, you’ll find the manpower within a large pool of workers who are ready to take on a challenge anytime.

Types of crowdsourcing

There are 4 major forms of crowdsourcing, where each involves a crowdsourcer or manager, a crowdmarket and a crowd of workers.

Crowd creation

Quite possibly the most well known form of crowdsourcing. It’s used for activities such as content writing, translations, photography and graphic design, where other individuals help you accomplish the task at hand.

Crowd voting

It uses the community’s judgment to organise, filter and rank ideas to select potentially popular items such as music, movies or food. Out of 100 people, the 1/10/89 rule establishes that 1% will create an idea, 10% will vote for it ( or not ) and the remaining 89% will consume it.

Crowd wisdom

If you’re looking to solve a problem, predict a possible outcome or find the right strategy, then this allows you to tap into other people’s brains. Different backgrounds, knowledge, expertise and experiences might provide you with a way of solving your problem.


Based on the idea that traditional financial institutions are no longer the only source to provide credit, crowdfunding enables you to ask the world for a donation to reach your goals. You can learn more about running a crowdfunding campaign in this article dedicated to the topic.

What else can I use crowdsourcing for?

Virtually anything! There is no restriction as to what can or can’t be done via crowdsourcing. However, it’s usually best suited for simple tasks.

Ready to crowdsource!

You might not always get the exact result you’re hoping for. However, the ideas and suggestions, although radically different to what you have in mind, might be even better!

As Jeff Howe said back in 2006,“Crowdsourcing is the process by which the power of the many can be leveraged to accomplish feats that were once the province of a specialized few.” If two brains are better than one, can you image what thousands of brains might do for you?Nike Sneakers Store | jordan Release Dates

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