Information Technology for not-for-profit’s

EmpireOne offers a set of Information Technology (IT) services for not-for-profit organisations. We understand the constraints that not-for-profit’s face and the constant challenge to do more with less, having a greater impact with fewer resources. That’s why we’ve tailored our services to meet the demands of running your organisation.

Our services include:

  • Part time IT manager or CTO
  • Assistance moving to the cloud
  • IT management consulting
  • Developing valuable business systems
  • Development of web or mobile applications

The importance of technology in NFP’s

Information technology services are important to the day to day running of your organisation. They more than likely represent a major portion of your capital and operating expenses, and can have a significant effect on your efficiency as well as the level of service you provide.

Strategic use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT), particularly online technologies, can significantly enhance the service you provide clients and members, communications with other organisations (as well as within your own) and can make financial and administrative activities more streamlined and efficient.

There’s no arguing the benefits technology can bring to NFP’s. But we get that technology can be expensive, difficult to implement or even understand. That’s why we are focused on delivering “ICT for human beings”, so every organisation can access the benefits of technologies and individuals no matter what skill level are capable of using new technologies and systems.

If you have an idea you want to develop, need assistance with planning for new technologies or help working out what systems you need in the future to deliver better – then get in touch and we can work out the most suitable service offering for you.

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