EmpireOne Non-Profit; technologies for socially conscious organisations

SYDNEY – 8 April 2013
Web technology startup EmpireOne Group announced today the launch of its non-profit structure, for the first time allowing NGO‘s and other charity organisations to access enterprise grade ICT Strategy as well as web and mobile application, and also managed development services at an extremely competitive price.

Making technologies available

This comes to celebrate the Company’s second year anniversary and is aimed at reinforcing its position as a socially conscious business. Under this new structure, all accredited non-profits will benefit a hefty discount, while all other social-profit businesses will become part of the end-of-year steering committee to decide on the allocation of company profits.

With more than 600,000 charities operating in Australia, EmpireOne hopes to lead the way into a new era of technology services with a collaborative “roundtable” approach. Australian charities are facing increasingly high technology costs and often don’t have the internal capabilities to leverage one of today’s most powerful tool, the Internet.

For months now, EmpireOne has been looking at ways of making Internet technologies more accessible and within reach of every organisation, regardless of the size of their wallet. The group has recently decided that a key component of this is to sacrifice the traditionally large profits most technology businesses generate.

Majority of ICT companies today are under the pump to always deliver more, and more rapidly and seem to forget that technologies are the key driver for charities and other NGOs which tend to be less financially capable.

Over the last years, EmpireOne has developed a unique set of skills and capabilities which can make a difference to a number of small-to-medium organisations. Technologies are daunting to the less-technical of us and this sends out the clear message that our team is dedicated to the greater good, promoting the efficient use of the digital space.
Sebastien Tremblay, Managing Director

With modern web and mobile technologies facilitating the capture and exchange of information inside and outside of all organisations, EmpireOne makes available years of corporate experience and enterprise-ready tools and technologies to all businesses, regardless of whether they can afford the “market-rates”.

With this restructure, EmpireOne has begun organising bimonthly workshops for non-profit organisations to discuss the technology challenges they face and best practices experts to guide these organisations into a hopefully brighter and more technology-savvy future.

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Managing Director of EmpireOne Group in Sydney, Sebastien has made a life of understanding both sides of the fence. Born in Canada and educated as a self-started business software engineer, not a single day passes without finding Seb tweaking a process, system or piece of code.

2 Comments to “EmpireOne Non-Profit; technologies for socially conscious organisations”

  1. Philippe says:

    Great work, on révolutionne l’implication sociale de l’entreprise tout en faisant grandir l’expertise de l’equipe. Wow, I’m impressed! You will teach to the big one, one day!! I’m proud of you all!!

  2. Ginette says:

    Sébastien, même en affaire je retrouve le bel être humain que tu es et qui m’a toujours impressionné.

    Bravo pour cet accomplissement mon super Seb, Je suis vachement fière de toi!!!