How to launch your app in just two weeks

It is possible that you have an amazing idea, maybe you’re looking into launching your app or perhaps you are a NFP with a socially conscious project in mind. Yet the process of developing that website or mobile app seems daunting, complicated or simply just not your area of expertise. Getting a minimum viable product (MVP) in 2 weeks may seem crazy, but at EmpireOne we are making it happen.

Sky rocket your idea: Make your app fligh high in no time!

Our own case study: Table4eight

When a fresh round of trainees was ready for some hands on experience, we put them to the test. Together with the guidance of experienced developers and engineers, they were given a brief to build an “interactive app that takes the hassle and stress out of planning a dining experience with your mates”. The requirements needed to complete the MVP were prioritised and broken down into manageable tasks. Then they each developed and released the features as they were ready.

After only 2 weeks of work, the core of Table4Eight was live and ready to be used by anyone needing help to plan their next get-together.

How to get started

At EmpireOne we’ve launched our startup incubator program and it’s all about you. If an app developed in as little as 14 days sounds amazing and you want to make use of this great opportunity, the steps are easy:

  1. Complete the online application. In 100 words or less you need to explain your idea, who will benefit from it and why is your app different to anything out there.
  2. Once you submit the form, we will assess it and be in contact with you.

Selection process

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We’re interested in helping small businesses and NFPs succeed in what they’re doing, whether it is generating revenue or improving support to their members. We are after projects that will have an impact on how your business runs or on the community. If your idea happens to be innovative and revolutionary, it’s a plus but not essential.

What happens next?

  • During the first week of each month we’ll review and shortlist a handful of applications.
  • If you’re selected, we’ll meet for a workshop where you’ll get to pitch your idea and we’ll do some Q&A to establish the development scope. This is where you get to describe in more detail how you see your app working and how it generates value.
  • During the last week of the month we’ll start development. You’ll get to see progress within a few days – not a couple of months as normal development takes. We’ll keep you in the loop as to what features have been released and which items are next.

With a process as easy as this, what are you waiting for? Get your application in here now!jordan release date | buy cheap air max

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