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As you may have seen on our Facebook page or in our Newsletter, you may know that on the 5-7th of May, EmpireOne was exhibiting at CeBIT Sydney.
CeBIT is the largest IT trade fair in the country and gathers IT companies from all over the globe.
For those of you who couldn’t make it to the event, we thought we’d try and paint you a picture of what you missed.


n glimpse at what we saw at this year's CeBITA glimpse at what we saw at this year’s CeBIT expo

Amongst hundreds of exhibitors present at CeBIT, only a few could boast of being truly innovative.
Yet some were able to show enough creativity to enter this category.
For instance, Memjet Printers created new fixed printheads that radically change the printing process. No more going back and forth on a page, their printheads simply spray minuscule droplets of ink, at the pace of 700 million per second. This translates into faster printing speed without any loss in quality.

Ara Fire literally reinvented air itself. By changing the oxygen to nitrogen ratio in the ambient air, they managed to completely eradicate the risk of fire. This is great news for museums, libraries, data centres or warehouses. Not so much for birthday parties.

A personal favourite, GoFar, is a device connected to your car’s sensors that lets you know how to consume less fuel. It feeds data directly onto your smartphone. Although still being developed, it should be available to the public at the end of this year.


CeBIT gives the chance to know what developers have been working on and get an idea of what they will be doing in the near future. Here come a few trends that were obvious at this year’s edition.

Virtual marketplaces for virtually anything

Online shopping has been growing fast over the past few years. It was only a matter of time before people started shopping online for services, too. Hence the explosion in the number of specialised websites and marketplaces for pretty much everything.

Some of these websites are MClowd (to find financial service providers), LawPath (for legal services) or Kapcher (to find video- or photographers).
From a business point of view, virtual marketplaces offer several benefits, in particular in terms of time and cost saving as well as access to information. But this could be a whole different article (so stay tuned!).

Loandesk is another type of marketplace, where business owners can easily request a loan and get in touch with their best match. Simply answer 3 questions about the loan and your business. From there, loaners will get in touch with you to make an offer. It’s an interesting way to take away the (real) hassle of finding funds for a business. And it’s free!

HireHive is a refreshing take on collaborative economy. It enables “peer-to-peer rental for filmmakers”. Filmmakers now have access to top-notch gear for their next movie, at a fraction of the cost. It is also a way for those who own the gear to lease it for cash when they’re not using it themselves.

HR management changing face

The way organisations will manage their workforce also seems to be in for a change. Flexibility seems to be key: while virtual marketplaces make it easy for organisations to find a provider for a particular service, other sites like Sidekicker allow them to hire trained staff for their busier period.

Ureferjobs and PeerBrief are both websites that offer cash rewards for referring a skilled friend to an employer in response to a job offer.

About 5 years ago, outsourcing IT to India seemed like an easy decision to reduce costs. However, over various conversations at CeBIT, we found that many visitors were pleased to hear we were local.
Whether this shift is due to poor personal experience, the fact is some people are willing to pay the price to keep their partners close to home.

Indeed, we take pride in being close to you. If you want to talk about IT, you can subscribe to one of our Morning Tech Talks and have a chat around coffee. Or just get in touch with us via our website. Either way, we’d love to hear from you!Giftofvision – Sneakers search engine | New Balance 550 “White/Green” – Lemontroyal

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