EmpireOne allowed me to meet my tight budget constraint whilst still providing a high value product. Throughout the entire development process they were professional, knowledgeable and provided honest advice which helped us to focus our energies where they were needed…

  • Problem

    Kimi Anderson approached EmpireOne to assist her in building a booking engine for her start-up idea. Kimi was looking to create a travel booking website that gave back to society through donations made to charitable projects.

    Lacking the technical skills to implement her idea alone, Kimi was looking for a partner to help her through this process. TravelGiver also had to be built cost-effectively, remaining in line with budget requirements.

  • What we did

    EmpireOne initiated workshops aimed at discovering and reviewing all the features to be implemented. The project scope was evaluated, as was the focus. After consideration EmpireOne advised that the booking engine was not the point of difference between TravelGiver and other travel websites. It was in the novel idea of giving back to charities.

    As there were tight budget and time constraints, EmpireOne recommended existing booking engines be utilised. This way other high value features could be emphasised. EmpireOne provided input with the design, build and project management aspects of Kimi’s startup idea. As a result, a powerful web application was built which integrated with existing booking engines and other applications.

  • Outcome

    EmpireOne delivered a high quality solution focusing on the real value generator aspects of the project. By utilising existing booking engines, more time and effort could be placed onto other features.

    The new web application met time and cost requirements without substituting quality. Modern technologies were built into TravelGiver, and the design and structure of the website also ensured it was easy to use for TravelGiver’s audience.

    Overall, TravelGiver was delivered successfully and in an agile manner. This allowed for feedback to be built into the platform with each iteration. TravelGiver was therefore able to reflect the business requirements as well as learnings from user interactions.

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