EmpireOne helped us better manage the release process for our client facing portal. Their input led to a decrease in errors and downtime. This increased efficiency and allowed us to better meet our clients expectations.

  • Problem

    Scottish Pacific utilised a Client Portal to share information with their clients through a secure website. In-house and contract developers maintained this platform. However, each new release or update made to their Client Portal resulted in a ‘break’. As this was a client facing platform any downtime was a major problem.

    The likely cause was the way in which the developers worked – in isolation. This lead to disconnected and disjointed workflow.

  • What we did

    EmpireOne ran a number of workshops to review the release process and Scottish Pacfic’s Client Portal. The workshops helped identify areas for improvement in the problematic release (or update) process.

    A new process was then developed which was based on industry best practice standards. This would allow for more streamlined and reliable releases, limiting the number of breaks to the platform and downtime experienced. It would also ensure the release process met business and customer expectations.

    The new steps were formally documented and EmpireOne assisted in training the in-house and contract developers to ensure the process was maintained and had longevity.

  • Outcome

    EmpireOne’s input allowed Scottish Pacific to painlessly manage their release process. Updates and releases could be rolled out much more frequently and were managed effortlessly, with fewer errors.

    Scottish Pacific were also given greater visibility into their release process. They were now able to appropriately track the stages of the process as well as what their developers were currently working on.

    As a result of EmpireOne’s contribution, customer expectations can be better managed. The platform is now able to remain online and available to them when they need it. This has lead to an improved and more controllable customer experience.

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