Grove international

A very successful project. EmpireOne helped make the decisions which best aligned with our future business needs, increased efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction.

  • Problem

    Grove International wanted to make improvements to their old access-based, trading system. The system was used for managing all stages of the purchase lifecycle from entering orders, to fulfillment and generating invoices. The system was no longer being supported or maintained and had therefore become slow and dated due to the lack of updates.

  • What we did

    To initiate the discovery process, EmpireOne facilitated a number of workshops to understand Grove’s current platform as well as the various business processes around it. An initial assessment concluded that updates and fixes were not the most cost effective approach and improvements to the functionality and reliability of the system would be limited.

    With many options being assessed, including off-the-shelf and open source software, EmpireOne was confident the open source approach would be the most valuable and cost effective in the longer term for Grove and recommended as such. Grove, after assessing their options decided to proceed with the proposal and the Trader v2 project kicked off.

    During the design and build phases EmpireOne also suggested ways to better leverage the technology and improve Grove’s business processes by evaluating industry best practices. As such, many of these were fed back into the platform.

  • Outcome

    EmpireOne’s key achievements were creating a more streamlined process which included some automation, as well as integration with other systems – contributing to an overall more efficient system and enhancing productivity internally.

    A more business-focused, stable and fully supported platform was implemented both within the estimated budget and time period. The technologies and architecture used are proven and extendable so integration with a number of systems was possible. Although the platform leverages modern technologies EmpireOne ensured proper User Experience patterns so it was still easily accessible to a range of skill level within the business. The new platform now allows Grove International to have a positive outlook on the future. They can plan for the future of their business through the use of new technology to save on time and costs.

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