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A marketing professional with experience in the technology, research, and information services industries. Lyndal is fascinated by the intersection of communications, technology and the web and how this has transformed modern marketing efforts.

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Your very own online marketing

Startups, SMEs and not-for-profits alike, when you are starting out or trying to gradually move online, you must be smart about your marketing. This is even more true if the business is going through hard time, growth or has limited resources. ...

Cloud-based! Cloud-what?

With the shift towards the cloud becoming more prevalent learn the difference between cloud based and traditional packaged software, as well as the benefits and potential issues which could impact you....

The myth of the paperless office

Can the paperless office be a reality in today's increasingly digitised world? Or are computers only making it easier for us to create more paperwork? Read tips on going green in your workplace....

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