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Managing Director of EmpireOne Group in Sydney, Sebastien has made a life of understanding both sides of the fence. Born in Canada and educated as a self-started business software engineer, not a single day passes without finding Seb tweaking a process, system or piece of code.

The crunchy details

Seb is an undeniable expert in anything web or mobile. He combines a strong technical background with a solid entrepreneurial business acumen in order to deliver real-world solutions, highly-regarded opinions and carefully crafted recommendations. Whether it's a piece of code, a new piece of technology or business process, Seb will most likely be able to guide you through it!

His years in large corporates and also public organisations, as well as countless experiences in customer-focused small businesses have allowed him to a unique, hands-on experience with a variety of systems and environments. Mining of big data, online paywall and recurrent subscription revenues, mobile asset tracking and short range wireless communications, security and data encryption, systems and database architecture optimisation are only a few of the areas where Seb and his team will have a direct positive ROI value.

Long time advocate of good practices, Seb promotes open source values, collaborative efforts and community-driven projects. This is probably what has driven EmpireOne to take a not-for-profit turn.

Never short of ideas, recommendations or strategies, go ahead and ask him what he thinks next time you see him.

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