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SYDNEY – 29 January 2013
EmpireOne Group is taking its socially conscious mantra to the next level, with opportunities for apps to be developed at no cost. The program is offered in 2014 and targets Not for Profits (NFPs) and small businesses with a social return in mind, and runs on a monthly basis for 12 months. To be selected, organisations must “pitch” their idea to members of the team and winners will see their app discussed, built and launched in the following weeks.

Most recognise today that launching apps requires more than just an idea with the execution also being a key requirement for a project to be successful. With quality technology being hard to find and often expensive, many projects go without ever launching.

Socially conscious EmpireOne is once again breaking the mould and offering to build web and mobile apps for free!

Who are we – project background

EmpireOne is a small, innovative and socially conscious Web and Mobile development organisation based in the heart of Sydney. We are agile, lean and get things done quickly without sacrificing quality, thanks to best technologies and best practices. We’re also diverse (with expertise in many industries) and multi-cultural (we have staff who speak fluent French, German, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Cantonese and Bangla.

In 2013, we launched a free training program to bring recent graduates and new NFP hires up-to-speed with latest web and mobile technology.

Our new socially conscious initiative for 2014 is the monthly donation of our skills to take your idea to market.

The nuts and bolts

Once per month, EmpireOne meets with a handful of projects to understand their idea. After review, the team decides which project is to be the monthly winner, and donates skills and development effort to develop and launch the most valuable, interesting or socially meaningful idea.

The outcome is a live application which at a minimum is sufficiently functional to ‘prove the concept’ and at best, a complete solution. It is sufficiently developed to allow you to test the idea with your members, real customers, constituents or potential investors.

How to get your idea in

An online application form has been made available as an entry point for all projects. In 100 words or less, all are required to explain their idea and its commercial or social benefit. Once filled, we will be in touch with you.

Key dates to be mindful of

  • First week of the month – a handful of applications are shortlisted and will be asked for a very short ‘pitch’ followed by a few QandA’s, either face to face or via video-conference (Skype, Google Hangout, etc).
  • second week of the month – a workshop is held with the selected application to scope the development to commence shortly after.
  • last day of the month – applications are accepted up until then for implementation over the following months.
  • Last week of the month – this is when the app development takes place and the application will be launched immediately after.

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Applications are welcome now – here!

The selection process

This is not a contest to find or create the next big thing! There are plenty of startups and innovation incubators, accelerators and angel investment funds available to help those who want to be the next Google or Facebook.

EmpireOne is interested in helping small businesses to succeed with whatever they’re doing, and NFP’s to improve the way they support their constituents.

If your idea turns out to be revolutionary that’s great, but that’s not our starting point.Mysneakers | Women’s Nike shoes, clothing and accessories

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Managing Director of EmpireOne Group in Sydney, Sebastien has made a life of understanding both sides of the fence. Born in Canada and educated as a self-started business software engineer, not a single day passes without finding Seb tweaking a process, system or piece of code.